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In today’s fast paced and competitive world a business not only needs access to partners but a network. A web of connections that can guarantee solutions with effectiveness. That’s what the umbrella network is. 

A vast pool of unlimited professionals with years of experience, eager to deliver quick & cost effective answers. Next time If you are having a social event, catering issues, want to get yourself or a loved one insured, want to feel secure on the road, home, office, have a large client base and need to get organized, having trouble enhancing your sales, looking for the right resource to fill a vacant position in your business, need to keep your children safe in school or at the playground, think of us! After all you are the Umbrella Network.

To Bring Innovation, Technology & Creativity to Harbor Integrity and Quality To Achieve Absolute Customer Satisfaction. To develop people and systems to ensure tranquility to our clients, Profitability To Our Business Partners & embrace growth opportunities for The Umbrella Network.

  • Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Solution & Consultancy


  • Home & Office Automation / Assistance


  • Automotive Imports


  • Local Automotive Sales


  • Business Process Outsourcing


  • Home & Office Security Solutions


  • Infrastructure Renovation
  • School Security


  • Logistics


  • Human Resource Consultancy


  • Catering & Event Management Services


  • Legal services/company registeration/filing/weboc etc.



Catering & Event Management Services, the Umbrella Network’s subsidiary Imperial Caterers event management, catering, & Photography Services. Expertise include corporate events, parties, weddings and much more. Imperial Caterers strive to create a lasting impression for all your events to be remembered for years to come. >Visit imperial caterers website.


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